As we have seen, Easyfairs events tend to be focused on serving the needs of very well-defined communities of visitors. Small is beautiful, because small is easy. Yet, paradoxical as it may seem, we see infinite opportunities for growth.

In part, this will come from growing existing events that have not yet reached peak potential.

More importantly, we have a proven success strategy of geo-cloning our best successes. Our business development specialists identify similar communities of interest in other geographies, investigate the market, and transfer the knowledge, processes and approach from one place to another. For example, our Solids events are successful wherever there is a concentration of heavy process industries, port terminals etc. There are dozens of such industrial zones in Europe alone.

At the same time, there are countless professional communities out there that are not served, or under- served, by live events, and the dynamic nature of modern business means that new ones are springing up all the time. What we used to refer to as “the IT sector” alone now comprises hundreds of specialist communities with job titles that barely even existed ten or twenty years ago, such as digital marketers, data miners and cloud services administrators. The trick is to identify which communities have the “staying power” to ensure an event concept’s sustainability. And this is a core Easyfairs competence.

We are essentially a pan-European company and will remain that way, in the near future. There are many European countries where we are currently under-represented or not yet represented at all, but where we could make a successful market entrance with the right concepts and the right partners. Of course, if we see an excellent opportunity to geo- clone an event concept outside Europe with a good return on our investment, we will do so. But we will not let this distract us from our medium-term objective, which is to conquer the European market.

In addition to organic growth we have also achieved growth through acquisitions over the years. But only if the target for acquisition is a very good fit, and after thorough investigation and due diligence. However, once that is done, we are fantastically fast and efficient at integrating the acquired event or company within the Easyfairs Group. Precisely because we have the processes and technology backbone ready to lift and shift to the new operations, and the managerial talent needed to bring the organisation up to speed.

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