At the end of 2017, the Easyfairs leadership team visited San Francisco and Silicon Valley. We wanted to find out, what is it that disrupters do? What is the secret of their success? Actually, it confirmed a lot of what we were already doing. It is in our name. Easy. Making the customer experience as easy, frictionless, convenient and enjoyable as possible. So, we gave it a name. Easify.

We regularly challenge our team members to answer the question: “What have you easified today?” We are always looking for ways to extend and enrich the Easyfairs business proposition, which is to make life easier and the whole experience of participating in events more pleasant for exhibitors and visitors.

It is also important that we easify life for team members. Because they can serve more customers, better, if we have technology and processes in place that make their jobs simpler, too.

Our events are typically short. Sometimes one day, typically two days, occasionally three. And they are compact, because they are highly regionalised or highly verticalised. That means they tend to be either broad-based in terms of community, but geographically limited in scope, or they are geographically broad-based while appealing to a specialised or “niche” community. That also makes things easier for visitors.

They are easy for exhibitors because of the all-in approach. Your stand is ready and waiting for you to do business. Removing all the stress and effort that conventional trade shows impose on exhibitors before, during and after the event.

And all that without loss of quality. For example, we now offer graphic printing for the stand walls, easifying their decoration and personalisation.

This concept is appealing to all exhibitors, but especially to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups that may not even have a marketing department, let alone a specialist event team. In this way, Easyfairs has expanded the market for live events. We launched the company with the motto, “time & cost-effective trade shows” and that is still at the heart of our proposition to exhibitors.

Since then we have worked hard to make our events easy and satisfying for visitors thanks to our technology: for example visitors can get all the information they need about exhibitors and their offerings with a touch of their Smart Badge. It adds up to great value for their time. And soon we will extend this by allowing visitors to register with a single click.

We have also easified things for another important stakeholder: the environment. Conventional trade shows are horribly wasteful affairs. Stands are torn down and end up in landfill. By contrast, the stands at our events are accessed rather than owned, which means they can be re-used time and again.

“Easify means identifying actual or potential friction-points and finding ways to remove them, thereby making the customer experience more convenient and more enjoyable.”


Head of Unit