We always aim to give customers a great experience. Our mission is to enable communities to visit the future. We serve communities, give them a vision of their future, foster connections and offer a life-changing experience.

We help our visitors to make informed decisions that will be rewarding, in a conducive and enjoyable atmosphere.

But customer-centricity is more than what you can see or directly experience. It reflects all of the things we do, whether or not our customers notice. A great customer experience is the visible tip of the iceberg, but without the invisible 90% of customer-centric actions, there would be nothing to see.

It all starts with deep research into specific professional or social communities, in a geographical region, which itself is defined according to the community: is it local, national, international? Let’s find out!

In the course of our research, we often reassess our understanding of the community in our desire to be fully visitor driven. What makes it tick? What is the value chain? Perhaps it is bigger than we thought, perhaps we were missing some of its constituents. Gradually, however, as we immerse ourselves fully, and speak to all the key players and influencers, such as trade associations, media, leading companies and innovative start-ups, we form a detailed picture.

We can now propose a meaningful event concept with the right format and start developing the ideal content. Our events offer a content-rich experience, supported by conferences, seminars, live demos, award presentations and many other features.

“Customer-centricity is all the unseen work and decision-making that makes a great customer experience possible. At Easyfairs, that means understanding communities. And that’s what makes Easyfairs a truly customer-centric brand.”


Group Head of Product

And because communities also have their own dynamic, we continue with the research: visitor quality assurance (VQA), exhibitor quality assurance (EQA), post-event 60-second feedback, and focus groups: all designed to re-evaluate the community’s needs, redesign event features or introduce new ones.

Today, we are already starting to use big data and artificial intelligence to understand the complexities of our visitor markets in even greater depth. Tomorrow, these technologies will not only give us insight into today’s needs, but also enable us to anticipate future needs. Needs and wishes that may not have even occurred to visitors. Just like Amazon anticipates your shopping needs, and Netflix predicts your changing viewing tastes.

Insight and intelligence-driven customer-centricity plus organisational agility will keep Easyfairs at the forefront of our industry.

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