A fully integrated & scalable platform

You cannot see it. But it is there, under the skin of our entire operation. Giving us structure. Enabling us to stand tall and do what we are good at, every minute, every day.

“Easify” depends in large measure on the technology backbone that runs right though our company. A backbone with an entire stack of fully integrated best-in-class applications, and consistent, accurate data flowing through a central nervous system.

Advanced technology and shared data are the basis for our process- driven organisation. Our headquarters in Brussels is in one sense the “brain” that serves as a business facilitator for our hub-based operations, where we execute. Data is centralised, but so too is knowledge, which is constantly being enriched by our successes and best practices learned in the field. The knowledge then becomes accessible to the entire organisation.

All Easyfairs functions and departments – Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Talent Management, Finance, Operations, M&A etc. – are based on centrally planned and perfected processes, which are translated and minimally tailored to meet local needs.

This approach – we call it “glocal” – makes it easier for us to industrialise processes. We often pilot them in one geography or for one event, fine-tune them and then roll them out across the entire organisation.

When we want to move into a new geography, or we acquire events from another organiser, we can “lift and shift” the entire Easyfairs process set and easify the new organisation very rapidly.

Our entire company is a living organism based on an international network of brands, offices, teams and venues, which allows smart geo-cloning (the development of an event concept in one region, followed by its rollout in others).

Our venues host events for other organisers but their principal role is to enable and facilitate our events business. They give us the freedom to launch new event concepts at low cost and low risk and provide the leverage we need for mergers and acquisitions (acquiring event concepts and then hosting them on our own premises).


Group Head of Product Management and Process Implementation

“The technology platform, the industrialisation of our processes and the sharing of best practices enables operational excellence and the reproduction of success across regions and markets, with high scalability potential.”

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