A disrupter in the events industry

Shaking hands, having a coffee together, looking each other in the eye. These are things that can only happen when we meet face to face. As humans, we are social animals. Live events are platforms for establishing relationships and building trust. No matter how many friends we have on Facebook, no matter how many contacts we have on LinkedIn, nothing will ever replace the value – and the joy – of meeting in the flesh.

It seems the more we engage with each other digitally, the more we crave the human touch. That is why the events business will remain forever futureproof, so long as it adapts and embraces progress with a blended approach. The line between “virtual” and “real” is becoming increasingly blurred.

That is why a few years ago, we coined the phrase “real-life social media”.

In the business-to-business environment, live events remain the best tool in the 360o marketing toolbox for generating leads. Because for important purchases, buyers want to experience a product, engaging all of their five senses. Especially when it comes to innovations. For the same reason people visit a showroom before they buy a car, people visit a trade show before they invest in new equipment or engage a new service provider.

Then the relationship can continue by digital means, until we meet again. A first meeting, a face, a handshake, a physical encounter: these stick in the memory in a way that a digital message or a series of clicks through a website never can.

The events industry is also fascinating and dynamic because there is an element of the unknown. We always feel a frisson when we open the doors to a new exhibition.

This is what motivates us to excel.

And this is precisely what differentiates Easyfairs from some of the large events that have struggled or disappeared in recent years. The frisson was no longer there. They did not offer their customers a great customer experience.

At Easyfairs we understand that we must constantly reinvent ourselves to succeed. We started out as the events industry’s disrupter and we will carry on disrupting through our five success factors: customer-centricity, easify, a fully integrated and scalable platform, talent and technology.