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Our network of offices
Easyfairs now has a network of 19 offices in 11 countries.

Our network of events

Our national and regional events are broad-based events meeting the needs of national and local exhibitors, visitors and delegates. Thanks to our network of local offices, we are able to geo-clone strong brands such as Empack, Solids or Transport & Logistics across Europe.

Niche events such as StocExpo (for the tank terminal industry and the storage of oil & gas) and ADF&PCD (for the aerosol and beauty packaging markets) meet the needs of international exhibitors, visitors and delegates. They are centrally managed from our London office and geo-cloned worldwide.

Our network of venues
We run a network of 10 outstanding venues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden, with a total capacity of 215 736 sqm. We will be adding a further venue at Åby near Gothenburg in January, 2019. These venues provide a wide range of full-service offerings in a variety of modern, appealing facilities to ensure an exceptional experience.

Our venues host a very broad spectrum of stand-out events: not only trade shows and exhibitions, but also conferences, congresses, seminars, conventions and product shows, as well as concerts and sports tournaments.