We have trouble believing it ourselves. How the years fly by. Last year, we celebrated a major anniversary: 20 years since we established Artexis in Belgium. Fourteen years ago, we launched a new brand, Easyfairs, which rapidly gained traction and recognition across Europe.

Over the past two years the pace of change has really accelerated. With the acquisition of Evenementenhal in 2016 we joined the 20 largest companies in the exhibitions industry worldwide. Yet our status as an entrepreneurial company is stronger than ever: we are faster to market with new concepts and developments than any other company we know in the business.

In our last Activity Report we announced the merger of our two companies as Artexis-Easyfairs. The integration is now complete. However, in every country where we do business, apart from Belgium, we are only known by the name Easyfairs. Our new corporate branding re ects this reality: with a little regret, we are “retiring” the Artexis brand.

That means we are now quite simply Easyfairs. A brand which, together with our mission, Visit the future, makes an unambiguous statement of what we do, and a promise of what we deliver. We are an events company first and foremost. Our venues are there primarily to host our own events, though of course other organisers and entrepreneurs are more than welcome to use our excellent facilities to host their own successes.

So what is it that makes Easyfairs stand out from the rest of the events industry? Our accelerating rate of growth; our success in organising multi-format events; the advanced technology backbone that runs through our company; and our process-driven approach, which enables repeatable success, for example through the geo-cloning of events. Above all it is the unique contributions made by individual members of the family, with their extraordinary diversity of talents and interests.

Please take the opportunity to learn about their passions in life. They really are an outstanding bunch of people.

Eric Everard CEO and Founder, Easyfairs