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Who we are ?

a company
that stands out


What makes Easyfairs stand out is right there, in the name. That’s because everything is made effortless for customers. It’s the communities we serve who take centre-stage, so that visitors are free to enjoy a great experience – including a trip to the future. Meet the people who stand out behind the scenes.

Stand-out events & venues

We deliver stand-out multi-format events and manage an outstanding network of venues. What makes us stand out is, first, that we make things “easy”. Whatever the format, whether a trade show, exhibition, summit or convention, our aim is to make everything as enjoyably effortless as possible for our exhibitors and visitors. That way, everybody can focus on having a great experience: doing business, networking, discovering innovations, learning about new trends and directions.

Second, our events are an invitation to “visit the future”. They provide a vision of how people’s lives, their businesses, their industries can and will change for the better. Helping our visitors to make informed decisions that will be personally or professionally rewarding.

Third, our events stand out because they are 100% focused on communities. Our concepts evolve successfully precisely because we invest a great deal of time and effort to understand what makes a particular community tick, and how it is changing. Only by understanding the unique dynamics of a community can we design and execute events that o er the ideal format and content mix to meet its needs.

A long-term vision

The future, of course, is a long time coming, whereas events always take place at a fixed point in time. A fourth and crucially important reason that explains why our events stand out is the company structure. Easyfairs is an entirely family-owned firm. In December 2016 our founder Eric Everard bought back the last external shareholding from That means we are under no short-term pressure from investors and shareholders to boost profits. We can launch a new event and give it time to evolve and build up a following. We can acquire existing events and give them the breathing space they need to become truly outstanding. In fact, each year Easyfairs reinvests 80% of its profits in the further development of its portfolio.

Standing out in our
exhibitions industry

The acquisition of Evenementenhal in July 2016 brought us into AMR International’s Top 20 exhibition organisers worldwide based on our total revenues. This has given us greater visibility within our industry, visibility that we can leverage going forward to deliver many more stand-out events and manage more outstanding venues. In June 2016 we announced that we would be opening a further exhibition hall in Europe. We will manage a facility located outside Gothenburg that is being financed with a € 50 million investment from Swedish real estate company Klövern. The facility will open its doors in January, 2019.

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How we operate

We are a close-knit family, held together by a strong and well-architected “family home” in Brussels. We share our strategy, know-how and systems across the regions, wherever we do business. It is a unique approach within our sector, and a source of huge competitive advantage. Most of the larger exhibition companies are simply an aggregation of events, venues and activities with little integration or coherence. An archipelago of disconnected islands, adrift from the mainland. That is not the Easyfairs way.

Our mission

Why we are here

Visit the future

We serve communities, give them a vision of their future, foster connections and offer a life-changing experience.

Our vision

Where we are going

We lead in our chosen markets by combining two positioning fundamentals:

• being a leader in selected geographies through venue management and event organisation

• being a leader in selected (niche) industries through a network of national/regional events and ultra- niche international events

Our values

How we behave

We’ve selected four values that we apply in our day-to-day work, these being: integrity, creative entrepreneurship, being results driven and last but not least: having fun.

Our strategy

How we will achieve it

We will achieve our mission and vision by being the best, most innovative and trendsetting company in the worldwide events industry:

• in talent development and constant learning
• in marketing and technology
• in modelling and mastering processes

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